Pray for Christians in Syria!


Calgary Chapel Kaneohe
A well researched Biblical Prophecy audio website
with the very passionate Middle East expert, J D Farag.

Searchlight with Pastor Jon Courson
Enjoyable, positive, insightful and uplifting
thru the Bible teachings with pastor Jon Courson.
It is hard to believe that the Benghazi scandal
was almost pinned on this gentle giant.

Tru News
Analyzing global events Trunews is an excellent source
for alternative news.

Answering Muslims
This website gives a valid account as to why Motion 103 should be discarded.
The Web site includes skillful debates and comments with David Wood.

Rapture Watch
This is an exceptional video resource site with access to videos
with Joel Richardson, Brigitte Gabriel, Steve Quayle, Walid Shoebat,
L A Marzulli, Jonathan Cahn, Robert Spencer, Hal Lindsay and many more.

Eschatology with Joel Richardson
A study of the End of Times.
Fascinating and frightening at the same time.


Pray for Christians in Syria